What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring is the description given to a floor board that has been manufactured using different materials. Typically a high quality engineered board is engineered using a wear layer of 3 to 6mm in thickness of a decorative hardwood on a substructure of moisture resistant plywood and varies in total thickness From 14 mm to 22mm.

Are engineered boards eco-friendly?

Yes. Engineered boards are significantly more Eco friendly, as the substructure is made of fast growing tree material. Whilst the decorative surface is only 3-6mm thick, this gives a lot better management and use of the slow growing timbers that are used as the decorative surfaces. Engineered boards also require more labour to manufacture, providing employment in regional areas.

Will my floor last as long as a solid floor?

Yes. Solid floor Installations require methods that are generally messier and therefore harder to keep clean during installation, also, as solid floors are more likely to unevenly settle as they dry, they require more rigorous sanding methods. This takes more of the wear layer off just in the initial sanding. Engineered boards are manufactured to maintain their level, leaving a much more smoother floor, and also come pre-sanded and do not require the same rigorous methods leaving almost all of the wear layer on the floor. With good maintenance and care, we would expect to see an engineered floor last a lifetime.

Will my floor be solid to walk on?

Yes. We direct stick our engineered boards to the sub-floor and fix with nails were it needs. Similar to solid installations, but significantly cleaner methods. Engineered floors can be installed via floating floor methods as well.

Can my engineered floor be re-sanded in the future?

Yes. With correct care and maintenance, we expect most engineered floors to be re-sanded three times. And all engineered floors can be cut-back and re-coated.

Do I need a moisture membrane?

In most circumstances, this is not required, due to the engineered nature of the timber. However, this is assessed on a job to job basis.

What types of timber can I have?

There is a large range of timber species available, including Oaks, blackbutts, spotted gums and the list grows longer all the time. a large range of pre-finished timbers are available as well providing even more choice. Some of witch can be viewed in our gallery of work.

I like the grain of Oak, but I don’t like the colour, what can I do?

We can change/alter the colour of any raw engineered timber. This is done through various methods of staining the floor after the installation and before the first coat. Some timbers take stain a lot better than others, for example American oak is a fantastic timber to stain as it really takes the colour in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.